This website was created to help teach and guide us on how to simply consume less. For each of us that path may be a little different in how we go about the journey, because learning to consume less is truly not a destination, it is a life long journey of continous progression. Our lifestyles will never be perfect but we can certainly get better each and every day.

Cause and Effect

Like anything in life when we make meaningful significant progress it has a direct cause and effect on other parts of our life. The same is true when we actively try and consume less in our lives. Anticonsumption or anticonsumerism does not necessarily mean we are aganist purchasing consumer goods, it does however mean we are smart, strategic shoppers. This discipline teaches us to be more frugal and how to find purpose for things in our life. This discipline evolves into other favorable behaviors in our life which leads to many great positive passive benefits that enriches our life and makes it more fufilling such as:

  • Less debt, more money
  • Better health, less stress
  • More time, fulfilling experiences
  • Closer relationships, happier life
  • Present moment, more engaged.
  • Environment friendly, cleanier air

I could go on and on with this cause and effect but will solidify my point with this one example. Because you started consuming less and are now more frugal and finally disciplined enough not to spend $1000 dollars on the lastest and greatest new iphone you now can use that money as a emergency fund so when your spouse’s car breaks down you will have money to get it repaired promptly.

As an effect you both will have a better relationship because now there is no stress about how you’re going to get the money to get the car fixed and as a result there no fighting about money. There is less stress, so now your health is going to be better. You can now consume less because you now have money to better maintain the car, it will now last longer and you will not need a new vehicle for a very long time.

You no longer have buyer’s remorse, have to justify your purchases, you are actually happier with your older but perfectly working fine iphone because the potential problems that could of been are just bad dreams of the effects of poor decision making when it comes to wasteful consumption.



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